Shifts for rest ADIS Holiday inn, Golden Sands, Resort, Varna, for the SUMMER 2022 season:

  1. Accommodation every Saturday with seven nights included:
Number Date Check in Date Check out
1 11 June 18 June
2 18 June 25 June
3 25 June 2 July
4 2 July 9 July
5 9 July 16 July
6 16 July 23 July
7 23 July 30 July
8 30 July 6 August
9 6 August 13 August
10 13 August 20 August
11 20 August 27 August
12 27 August 3 September
13 3 September 10 September

Reservations for the end of a week outside the regular shift are accepted no earlier than 4 days before the date of accommodation, subject to availability and a minimum stay of 2 nights.

Prices for SUMMER 2022:

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All prices include VAT, tourist tax and one parking space per room / apartment.

Price for Full Board*, when paid together with the nights: for an adult – BGN 32; for a child – BGN 18

Price for Full Board*, when paid separately from the nights, on site at the station: for an adult – BGN 35; for a child – BGN 20

* Full Board include breakfast, lunch, dinner without drinks.

** Persons over 14 years of age are not allowed to buy Full Board for child.

The package price is valid only if you pay for a minimum of 7 (seven) Full Boards and 7 (seven) nights.

ADIS EOOD reserves the right to change prices in connection with inflationary processes.

Reservations, payment and general conditions:

An application for a holiday in a certain shift, room or apartment is accepted in writing by filling in the attached form, sent by email:, fax: +359 2 943 44 27 or submitted on the spot in the administrative building of ADIS EOOD – Sofia, 27 Veliko Tarnovo Str., Holiday Properties Sector – Damyan Milushev, Holiday Property Organizer (every working day from 09:00 to 17:30).

The reservation with the room number and the change is confirmed by e-mail. Any change in the client’s request for rest (change of shift, number of persons, overnight stays and / or use of food), occurred AFTER its submission and confirmation by ADIS EOOD, should be specified with the Holiday Property Organizer before its payment. In this case, the existing application is canceled and a new one is filled in. Otherwise, the conditions of the already made application are preserved.

Payments can be in cash and / or by debit / credit card at the cash desk in the administrative building of ADIS EOOD – Sofia, 27 Veliko Tarnovo Str. names of the holder on request:

IBAN: BG19CECB979010B2017702

Regular shifts: no later than 14 calendar days after confirmation of the reservation, the client must pay the full amount for the holiday of his choice. In case no payment is received, the reservation is canceled.

With a view to taking measures to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases and acute respiratory infections, including due to the spread of COVID-19 and in compliance with the Guidelines for the operation of accommodation of the Ministry of Tourism, agreed with the Ministry of Health when accommodating guests a regime is introduced to guarantee control and prevention of persons with manifestations of flu-like symptoms and respiratory diseases in the building of PD ADIS kk. Golden Sands. For this purpose, the temperature of all guests before check-in should be measured. In case of refusal to measure the temperature or the presence of flu-like symptoms, ADIS Ltd. reserves the right to refuse the service.

In order to ensure safe eating conditions will be carried out in two shifts as follows:

First shift                                                   Second shift

Breakfast       08:00 –  08:50                   09:10 –  10:00

Lunch        12:00 – 12:50                    13:10 – 14:00

Dinner        18:00 – 18:50                          19:10 – 20:00

При настаняване се уточнява смяната на хранене.

Свободната консумация в ресторанта се разрешава след приключване на

Upon check-in, the meal change is specified.

Free consumption in the restaurant is allowed after the end of the second shift.

More information:

If the client refuses and cancels his reservation less than 14 calendar days before check-in, ADIS Ltd. refunds 80% of the amount paid (Valid for regular shifts).

In case of unforeseen circumstances and / or valid reasons, after cancellation of the reservation with a decision of ADIS EOOD the refunded amount can be refunded, provided that ADIS EOOD is notified up to 5 days before the date of accommodation.

If the client refuses and cancels his reservation less than 2 calendar days before the date of accommodation, ADIS Ltd. refunds 50% of the amount (Valid for regular shifts).

In case of termination of the stay before the agreed day of departure, ADIS EOOD does not refund the amount for the remaining days.

In case of objective impossibility ADIS EOOD to perform the services under this contract, incl. In case of an epidemic outbreak and change of the epidemic situation in the country, as well as registration of a significant number of patients among the staff and / or guests of the holiday resort, ADIS EOOD has the right to unilaterally terminate its relations with customers without penalties. reimburse them 100% of the amounts previously paid by them.

Provided that we cannot fulfill the undertaken obligations due to a decision of the body for use of ADIS by refugees, the clients will be notified in due time and the paid amounts will be reimbursed.

Check-in at the resort starts at 15:00 on the day of the first night and check-out until 10:30 on the day after the last paid night.


Mr. Damyan Milushev, Organizer of holiday properties
address: Sofia, 27 Veliko Tarnovo Str., Holiday Properties Sector
phone 02/9487557, mobile: 0882177710
opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30
working hours at the box office of ADIS EOOD: from 09:00 – 16:30

Mrs. Ivelina Dimitrova Ivanova, Manager of ADIS Holiday Resort
address: Varna region, Golden Sands Resort
tel .: 052/355197, mobile: 0882177712; reception: 0882177754

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