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Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Address: R.Alexiev Str., bl.215, ap. 28, fl.: 10
Region: Iztok b.c.
Estate type: Apartments
Heating: Central heating
Phone: Yes
Area: 170 sq. m / 1829 sq. ft.
Rent: 850   per month
Bedrooms: 3
Parking: Ground garage for rent
phone:  029714550
mobile phone:  0882177783

The apartment is a property of ADIS Ltd. No commission!

Spacious unfurnished apartment with wonderful panoramic view.

Living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, study, full bathroom, half bathroom, walk-in closet

 The price includes:

Apartment use expenses:

  • cold water
  • emergency maintenance
  • cable TV (70 channels)

Expenses for the common areas:

  • 24-hour doorman
  • lift charges
  • cleaning and power supply for the lounge areas

Optional services:

  • complete contemporary furnishing
  • full kitchen equipment
  • Internet access
  • secure garages and parking lots













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Type: Apartments
Bedrooms: 3
Area: 173 sq. m / 1861 sq. ft.
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R.Alexiev Str., bl.215, ap. 28
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Type: Apartments
Bedrooms: 3
Area: 170 sq. m / 1829 sq. ft.
Rent: 850 € per month
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